Essential Oils with Animals


I thought I’d share a short little video with you I did a couple of months ago on the Animal Scents product line by Young Living Essential Oils. Just a quick and short one to let you know that we have animal specific essential oils available.

A Tale of Three Dogs, Part Three Conclusion


Meshach A week after Shadrach’s passing, my friend Kim asked me if she could gift me with one of her upcoming litter’s puppies. At that time, she was breeding Great Danes in partnership with her sister. I was stunned and excited, because Great Danes have been my favorite breed of dog since the age of…

Dogs of a Certain Age


Recently I was sent another lovely book to review this time with photographs of old dogs. All the dogs in this book were labeled as “dogs of a certain age” = elderly. Most naturally reared dogs would not be considered old at some of these ages of the dogs in this book but none of…

A Tale of Three Dogs, Part Two


Shadrach Fridge entered my life gently and sweetly, but Shadrach came slamming into my life with his damaged, abused, neglected young self. My husband fell instantly in love with Shadrach, but I can’t say that I did. He was so skinny, smelly, and different than my beautiful Golden Retriever, Fridge. What I didn’t know was…

The Lucy Dawson Dogs


Recently I was invited to review two books (one of which I will review on another post) on dog artists. This one today is actually a “facsimile” of the illustrator Lucy Dawson’s 1936 collectible classic sketches of various dogs of which she did portraits, entitled Dogs As I See Them. The foreword in this book…

A Tale of Three Dogs, Part One


Fridge Cute, fluffy, full of spunk covered in self-assuredness – that was my Golden Retriever puppy, Fridge on his first day with us. At the time in 1986, Refrigerator Perry of Chicago Bears’ fame was a well-known linebacker. Fridge was the largest puppy in his litter, so his breeder named him Fridge. I thought it…

Wellness Journey Initiated by Neo Mastiff

Sunning_in_my_domainThis is the short video story of not only what prompted my journey into natural, whole health for animals, but for humans also. In addition, it is also why I share the essential oils so much. I owe a debt of gratitude to God for sending me the most amazing dog, EVER, Shadrach my Neo Mastiff…nuthin’ but the dog in him :-)

I sure miss him!


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